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General Rules

  1. Wear your badge visibly in the "BADGE ZONE"
    (shown above in orange).

    If you are unable to present your badge when asked for it, by security or convention staff, you may be required to purchase a replacement or leave VISIONCON.
  2. While costuming and gaming are a big part of the convention and highly encouraged, VISIONCON is not responsible for lost, stolen or damaged property, or for injuries sustained during the course of the convention.
  3. No cameras, camera phones, or video recording devices of any sort are allowed in the Art Show.

    Upon a second warning, the offending person and parents/guardian (if applicable) forfeit convention membership and will be removed from VISIONCON for the current year.

Harassment Policy

  1. Harassment of any kind, sexual or otherwise will not be tolerated. You will be removed from the premises and your membership revoked for any violations of this policy after review of Visioncon Staff.
  2. Remember: "No" means no. "Stop" means stop. "Go away" means go away.
  4. For the full Harassment policy, <click here>

Costuming and Weapons

  1. No nudity. Dress must fit minimum standards of decency.
  2. No weapons will be allowed except for costuming. All weapons (including non-medical canes) must be peace bonded by Security. State Law prohibits persons under the age of 18 to carry a weapon (peace bonded or not) except during the Masquerade and only if they are a participant. You will receive one warning.

    Upon second warning the item in question will become the property of VISIONCON.
  3. No bauffer weapons allowed on the floor after 9:00 PM. Please be courteous of those around you. (Yes, we know they're foam).

Alcohol/Smoking/Drug Policies

  1. State Law prohibits persons under the age of 21 to drink alcohol. If you are caught drinking, you forfeit convention membership and will be removed from VISIONCON until your 21st birthday.
  2. State Law prohibits serving alcohol to minors (under the age of 21). If caught serving alcohol to minors you forfeit convention membership and will be removed from VISIONCON.
  3. State Law prohibits possession and/or distribution of illegal drugs. If caught with illegal drugs you forfeit convention membership and will be removed from VISIONCON.
  4. Keep alcoholic beverages in the designated Party areas or your room. If you have an alcoholic beverage, please make sure that it is in a container that is not easily identifiable as alcohol. For example, no open beer bottles. Bring a cup or purchase one from one of the party rooms.
  5. Smoke ONLY in designated areas OUTSIDE of the hotel.

Rules and regulations can change without notice.



Please read all VisionCon Rules to the left. By registering for VisionCon you agree to and are bound by the list of rules.


Don't forget there are plenty of great opportunities to help out local organizations through these donation events!

Workshops are a great to learn new techniques, have a personal experience with guests, and meet other con-goers.

Have ideas for a Workshop? Send them here!!

Minion Auction
Minion Auction registration forms will be available at the Registration desk during the convention.

Closing Ceremonies Raffle
Great way to win some great prizes and help out local charities.

Costume Contest
Have a cool costume you really worked hard on? Make sure to register for the Costume Contest when you get your badge for chances to win up to a possible of 10 awards. Visit the Costume Contest Guide page for details.


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Each year we contribute what we can to local charities. Below are the ones we will raise money for this year. Anything and everything you can give counts!

Habitat of Humanity


Hilton Best Western