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Anthony -Antwon- Hunter

Anthony Hunter is the creator of many webcomic, his most recent is called Silent Sillies. Anthony Hunter was born and raised in Canton, Ohio, where he grew up watching cartoons and reading comic books. Graduating high school in 2000 he moved to Tempe, Arizona where he received his Bachelor's Degree in animation in 2003. While in college he met his wife and they moved to Branson, Missouri to raise a family. Now the father of two beautiful children, Hunter took his degree and love of cartoons and he began to create comic strips of his own.

Cartoons by Andie

Want to become a cartoon? Looking for a unique and personal gift? Have a crazy idea that you just have to see on paper? Cartoons by Andie is a local caricature stand that can't wait to draw you something awesome! Whether it's a cat sledding down a hill or Captain America boxing a T-rex, there's nothing she can't do.

Cartoons by Andie: Love it, be it!

Crack Kittens

In 2011, the world was forever changed when Sushi (Chris Wish) and Little Bunny (Tashona Jones) decided to combine their powers of evil and good to rule the world as the dynamic duo –Crack Kittens! However, when ruling the world didn’t work out so well, they took to a different, slightly off the broke road path to world domination. Running an art table, and coercing their many friends into free labor the two would soon be unstoppable!

Thanks to their wonderful lackeys and awesome customers they have been able to continue to do what they love, c for the past six years. Crack Kittens has grown to gain two wonderful artists and subordinates to the team; Wookieinmashoo (Andrea Barnes) and Ronin Karasu (Dean Wells). The new vict-additions add their own touch and items to their store every year. Together, Sushi, Little Bunny, Wookieinmashoo, and Ronin Karasu, aim to charm the world, make people happy, and create art in the name of world domination!

Digital Originals

Mike Cole is an artist living in St. Charles, Missouri. He has worn many hats over the course of his life. the black one is especially nice. Mike has displayed his artwork at conventions all over the country for the last 25 years. Mike is currently working on several new projects including a 5 issue story arc for Little Guy Productions and expanding on his selection of pin-ups and media portraits.

Hey This Guy Does Art

HeyThisGuyDoesArt, the brain-spawn of artist Josh Cullen is the collective hub of all his artsy geekery. Drawing(pun intended) from 80's and 90's horror movies, cartoons, comics, video games, pro wrestling...and just about anything else from that neon dream of a decade...

He puts art on about anything he can, from hand painted glassware, original paintings, and prints..oh and even a random VCR or two...he even does custom work and commissions.

Simply Kitts Illustrations

Kitt Van Hassel, owner of Simply Kitts Illustrations, prides herself on developing whimsical imagery for the sole purpose of bringing smiles to those around her. She's in the business of creating warm, fuzzy feelings for all ages, and believes you're never too old for something cute. From crime-fighting superhero teddy bears to mythical creatures only dreamed of, there's something unique in the works for your viewing pleasure.

Summer Randall

My conversion to the dark side came at an early age. Once I learned they had cookies and immortality, they had me. You can still see the dark influence in my art to this day. But beware, if you look at my paintings too long, you may feel the darkness seeping in...

Woodside Illustrations (Brent Woodside)

We do sci-fi / fantasy illustration. We have done official work for Lucas arts, Disney, acme archives. Most recently two of our paintings have been picked to be displayed at the premier of Last Jedi in Las Angeles

Woodside Illustrations (Kayla Woodside)

We do sci-fi / fantasy illustration. We have done official work for Lucas arts, Disney, acme archives. Most recently two of our paintings have been picked to be displayed at the premier of Last Jedi in Las Angeles


Art Room will be open
Fri: 12pm to 6pm
Sat: 10am to 6pm
Sun: 10am to 12pm


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Minion Auction
Minion Auction registration forms will be available at the Registration desk during the convention.

Closing Ceremonies Raffle
Great way to win some great prizes and help out local charities.

Costume Contest
Have a cool costume you really worked hard on? Make sure to register for the Costume Contest when you get your badge for chances to win up to a possible of 10 awards. Visit the Costume Contest Guide page for details.


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