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Spotlight Guests

Charlotte Enos

Acrylic artist specializing in comic style and fantasy artworks

Gary Bedell

As an artist and a human being, I find myself constantly trying to fill in the gaps. I draw deep inspiration from the great mysteries of our universe, my own dreamscapes and from fellow artist/innovators; Arthur Adams, Rodney Matthews, Cam Kennedy and Gary Gianni. I posit my own theories; hoping to offer some kind of explanation--or at the very least, some interesting things for people look at.



Daryl Dixon is coming to Visioncon 2019 in Springfield!

He's "nobody's b***h," and he's our Local Spotlight Guest! Missouri's Daryl- the St. Louis-based cosplayer, Lars Van Crafter, is an uncanny lookalike for Norman Reedus of The Walking Dead.

As Daryl says, "people in hell want slurpees." Similarly, fans of the Walking Dead are thirsty to meet their hero- the crossbow wielding, warrior angel, Daryl Dixon. That's why Visioncon is stoked to announce that Missouri's own SHOMEDaryl, Lars Van Crafter, will be our special guest for Visioncon 2019 in Springfield! Lars will be on hand at Visioncon 2019 to take photos, sign autographs and meet all fans, both living and undead.

Lars, as a cosplay model and actor has a portfolio of amazing looks, but is best known for his spot-on portrayal of Norman Reedus and the fan-favorite Daryl Dixon. It's Visioncon's Homecoming, and Lars is one of the great guests we are bringing back "home." He tells us that Visioncon is the second con he ever attended, and remains his favorite. He appreciates how the con gives back to local charities and while having plenty to do, is "small enough for a first timer to not feel overwhelmed." Lars loves the family vibe of the con, and recommends it highly as "an experience that can change your life forever."

We're very excited to welcome back Lars Van Crafter for our Visioncon Homecoming. We're back in Springfield, at the Expo Center May 10-12. Visioncon, Missouri's premier ComicCon is bigger, better and more exciting than ever. Pre-registration is OPEN! Visit to buy your passes to the con and get ready to make friends and enjoy the world of pop culture!

Levi Samuel Rikard

Levi Samuel was born in 1986 in Elk City Oklahoma, though he was raised in Springfield Missouri. While in Highschool, he discovered the game, Dungeons and Dragons, as well as a Live Action Role Playing group, where he truly discovered who he was. Graduating Highschool, he joined the Army, but quickly realized that wasn’t the life for him. He returned home and went to work in manual labor jobs. Being a quick study, he became a skilled tradesman in a number of fields, but the quest for happiness and purpose evaded him. In 2008 he became a father and has raised his daughter by himself ever since. In 2009, he decided to write a book, which was the start to a lifelong and rewarding career. His first book was published in 2013 under a penname, and he’s since established a laundry list of qualifications and achievements. Levi lives in southwest Missouri with his daughter and their cat, Alona. Please subscribe to his newsletter for a free book, as well as first access all new content.

Marty Salsman

Old and New School Illustration, been active for 35+ yrs. Have submitted to various publications over the years, VP of OTC GDT advisory board, current Art Director for Missouri Neon Outdoor.


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