One of the best parts of Con is meeting all those cool artists, writers, and celebrities you know and love! Here you will find a list of the Guests that will be attending the upcoming convention. Be sure to check out their links to keep up to date with them as VisionCon draws near!

Media Guests

Andy Field

Pro voice actor Andy Field is best known as the "friendly" voice of Hand Unit, the smooth-talking computer guide through Five Nights at Freddy's: Sister Location. He's also in the fast-paced sci-fi shooter Nelo and makes terrifying sounds for the zombie survival game Contagion.

He has voiced national commercials for Homewood Suites and Virgin Mobile/Walmart, where he may have been involved in the biggest RickRoll in history with their commercial "Do It For The Data."

Before he was a voice actor, Andy was employed as a teacher, soldier, emergency medical technician, waiter, bartender, furniture salesman, driver, golf caddie, government contractor, college professor, small business owner, and drummer. He's still a long-time member of the U.S. Army Reserve, at the rank of Lieutenant Colonel! He was deployed to Kuwait, Iraq, and Afghanistan in support of the Global War on Terror.

Andy resides with his wife and children in the quaint town of Oxford, Mississippi.

Casper Van Dien

Casper Van Dien's breakthrough role was as the lead in Paul Verhoeven's sci-fi film Starship Troopers (1997) which still has one of the largest cult followings in film history. He was also in Tim Burton's critically acclaimed film Sleepy Hollow (1999), as Brom Bones. He was the 20th Tarzan in the Warner Bros. film Tarzan and the Lost City (1998). Other film credits include The Pact (2012), a post-Apocalyptic survivor in Beyond The Wave (2015) and the much anticipated independent film ISRA 88 (2016).

His television credits include "MONK" (2008), and "Beverly Hills, 90210" (1994). Casper has tackled the web recently playing Johnny Cage in the insanely popular Machinima web-series "Mortal Kombat Legacy" seasons 2 and 3. He won best actor for his comedic chops in the series. He stars as "Hawk Guy" in the upcoming Avengers spoof "Interns of F.I.E.L.D." produced by Screen Junkies. You can also check him out as the hunky bartender in the popular series "CONMAN" starring Alan Tudyk and Nathan Fillion.

He played the perfect version of himself in the comedy series "Crunchtime". His most recent victory has been behind the camera as a Director. He has directed three films in which he also starred in. His second film Patient Killer won best film and best director awards and aired on Lifetime.

Keegan Connor Tracy

Keegan Connor Tracy is an award-winning actress best known for her ability to play a diverse range of characters – from the inscrutable Blue Fairy on ABC's hit show Once Upon a Time to her turn as the troubled Blair Watson who wooed young Norman in Bates Motel.

Now enjoying her third season as a Professor of Magic on Syfy's hit The Magicians, she also rules Disney's Auradon (with her Beast) as Queen Belle in the second installment of the smash musical success Descendants. She has also been known to destroy a zombie or two in Legendary Films' adaptations of the Dead Rising franchise. Currently working on the script for her directorial debut 'Grief and the Victorians.'

Having spent several years in the WIFTV mentorship program helping up-and-coming actors by sharing what she has learned in her 20+ years in film and TV. She has written a children's book optioned by Whitecap Books and is working on her next project - 'A Keegolicious Cookbook.'

Creator Guests

American Wasteland Entertainment

American Wasteland Entertainment is an independent and an award winning production company/studio that specializes in online media entertainment. The company also works on corporate and informational videos along with music videos.

The company consists of Jason Brasier and Brittney Greer. Both write, produce and direct the company's online content. The company is known for their digital series Drifter that consists of two seasons and a comic book, their horror mini series Stage Fright and two new productions. Strange Happenings, featuring Power Rangers alumni David Fielding and a crime drama, Barker Hole.

Christopher R. Mihm

Christopher R. Mihm is the writer, director, and producer of the films of the "Mihmiverse," a series of award-winning, loosely interlinked feature-length films which pay homage to 1950s-era "drive-in cinema." Mr. Mihm's filmmaking career began in 2006 with the release of his first retro-styled film, "The Monster of Phantom Lake." Made on a nearly non-existent budget, the film went on to garner much critical acclaim, appear in numerous film festivals, win multiple awards and, to this day, continues to screen across the world.

Since his first film, Mr. Mihm has released one new as-authentic-as-possible 1950s-style feature a year, many of which have received numerous accolades, nominations, and awards. "Attack of the Moon Zombies" raked in the most 2011 Dead Letter Awards at "House of Ghosts" beat out several big budget films to win the coveted Rondo Hatton Classic Horror Award for Best Independent Feature in 2012. Mr. Mihm's ode to the "big bug" films of the 1950s, "The Giant Spider," won the Forrest J. Ackerman Film Award at the Famous Monsters of Filmland Film Festival and the Best Action/Horror Feature award at the Highway 61 Film Festival.

Christopher R. Mihm has been featured in many publications, both online and off, including SCI-FI Magazine, Screem, Famous Monsters of Filmland and Scary Monsters Magazine. Mr. Mihm was the recipient of the first-ever Roger & Julie Corman Intrepid Filmmaker award at the ninth annual Fargo Fantastic Film Festival, won the Best Director award from and received the key to the city of Forest Lake, MN, where July 30th was officially declared "Christopher R. Mihm Day."

Gerry Kissell

Gerry is the official cover artist for Warriors Publishing, and the artist of IDW's Best Selling Graphic Novels CODE WORD: GERONIMO and IRON SKY as well as Xbox's One-Million sold ALAN WAKE and is currently working on BACK TO THE FUTURE.

Lee Kohse

Lee Kohse - Best known for his art on Star Wars, Lee Kohse is a successful freelance illustrator in the entertainment industry and creative streamer on the streaming platform. His Twitch channel (KohseArt), where he draws, paints, and reviews and critiques aspiring artists' portfolios, draws thousands of viewers from all around the world. His client list includes properties from Lucasfilm, DreamWorks, Disney, Marvel, 20th Century Fox, and other giants of the industry.

Lee was born to a family of chupacabra herders in the United States and as a child learned to draw in the dirt while mining dust for spaghetti western films. After surviving a nasty case of Nerd Flu, Lee became a freelance artist working for clients including Lucasfilm, DreamWorks, Marvel, Disney, and has contributed art to such projects as Star Wars, Indiana Jones, Lord of the Rings, Aliens Vs Predator, as well as serving as Creative Director of Speed Racer.

Currently Lee is working on Star Wars projects and is a Creative Streamer on You can find Lee creating art, telling jokes, and giving tips about the art industry, several times a week live at Twitch.

Shane Moore

Shane Moore is a retired decorated police detective and record holding semi pro football player that started his writing career after being stabbed in the line of duty in 2004.

Shane's career has now grown to cover over twenty novels, song lyrics for Sony/Wright Records, TV Shows such as Toy Hunter, graphic novels, and even short stories and professional poetry.

Shane's Abyss Walker and Apocalypse of Enoch world settings have been optioned by large game companies and recently a film production company.

Steven Meissner

Steven Meissner is the man behind the helmet at SoloRoboto Industries, where he works as a full time prop maker, fabricating props for cosplayers and collectors alike, and occasionally working on the odd trophy for properties such as League of Legends.

His talents don’t stop at prop building; Steven is an accomplished cosplayer who has been making costumes since his first San Diego Comic Con in 2008. He is also very tall.

Cosplayer Guests

Eric Moran

Eric Moran is Philadelphia native. The former United States Marine was also a professional wrestler for companies like Gorgeous Ladies of Outrageous Wrestling, Extreme Championship Wrestling, Cyberspace Wrestling, and Women's Extreme Wrestling. Eric has appeared on television shows including The Jenny Jones Show and Heavy Sedation. Eric is one the founders of Together Brothers Productions, an independent film production company based on the east coast. He's worked as film writer, director, producer, and actor with over ten independent films and web series like, The Deep End, Legacy, and Trek Isolation .

In 2014, The Smoke became a household name in the world of cosplay when he hosted the Syfy channel's series, Heroes of Cosplay. His massive physique, cool demeanor, and confident style have led him to be included in projects highlighting in the world of comic books for Big City Comics Studios, DC Comics as Freight Train, and currently appearing in George Perez's, Sirens as well as the films ,The Surge of Power and JUN. The Smoke routinely visits school to inspire and motivate kids as well as participates in charity events such as The Peace Fund Games. Currently , The Smoke just appeared on AMC's Comicbook Men and just finished writing , directing and starring in his Spawn fan-film , CHOICES.

Kit Quinn

Kit Quinn has been cosplaying since 2007 when she attended her first San Diego Comic Con. Since then she has created dozens of costumes based on her favorite characters from comics, cartoons, movies and manga.

Recently Kit went two for two, winning best special effects costume at TwitchCon for her Tron Siren build from TRON: Legacy and this year with Hades from Disney’s Hercules. She has also been featured on Marvel’s comics Avenger’s cosplay cover as the Wasp.

Kit is excited to make her first appearance at a convention in Missouri and hopes to get in some sight-seeing!


Concept 24 - By Design (Jason Jackson)

I am inspired by all aspects of life. I studied art and design at the University of Kansas. I enjoy working in many different mediums, from acrylics, oils, and water color paints, and colored pencils, to charcoal and pastels. Art has been my passion since I was a kid. It is my goal to take that passion, and use it to create positive energy in the world. Art doesn't imitate life, art is life, and life is an art form.

David Faught

Are you looking for an artist who is creative, advanced, and amazing? ME TOO! However, in the meantime, consider me -David Faught- for all your artistic needs! From pinups to creations, I do it all!

Lisa Medley

Author of paranormal, dark urban fantasy and sci-fi romance novels.

Lunch Box Press

Lunch Box Press was formed in 2014 by Kevin Watkins, Adam McLaughlin, and Chris Annen, to publish the independent werewolf horror comic Listen to the Thunder. After a successful Kickstarter and national release of Listen to the Thunder, Lunch Box Press will be releasing at least two more comics in 2017...Listen to the Thunder issue 2 and Graveyard Slaughter issue 1.

Graveyard Slaughter is a horror anthology that embraces pure 80s horror. Graveyard Slaughter will be written by Kevin Watkins and super star writer Cullen Bunn, with art by Adam McLaughlin, Ryan Wheaton, Gary Bedell, and legendary Ghost Rider artist Javier Saltares.


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